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​Richdale Health & Wellness Hypnosis Clinic

Weight Management

Working with Richdale Hypnosis Clinic, I dropped 1.5 stones in 30 days and feel fantastic. But with the loss came great gains in other areas – I now have self-belief, a sense of purpose and amazing energy. Coming off blood pressure tablets and being able to take my son swimming are real benefits and a testament to the life-changing results hypnotherapy has brought me. As a therapist I found Joanne to be non-judgemental and I intend to return as I’m confident of the results it will bring to other areas of my life.” Jim Howe

“During the ten weeks Weight Management Program with Nicola, I was able to reduce the cravings and eat smaller portion sizes, losing enough weight to take part in the Great Dublin Bike Ride and I haven’t looked back since. This year I’m aiming for the Wicklow 100 and the Ring of Kerry bike ride. Once 22 stones I am now a healthy 15 stone having lost 7 stone in 6 months. I would highly recommend Richdale Hypnotherapy Clinic for helping me not just to lose weight but in helping me to enjoy life again.” Adam Scally.

“My wife and I both worked with Richdale on a weight management programme and between us we lost 5 stones in just 13 weeks. We had tried everything, slimming shakes, Weight Watchers but in the end hypnotherapy was the only thing that worked. My diabetes is 90% reversed and my blood pressure continues to improve. Having been to a hypnotherapist previously I would have to commend Joanne for her ability in helping people to relax.” Michael Brady.

“I had tried everything, Weightwatchers, Slimming World and although I managed to lose weight with them, I kept putting it back on. Working with Nicola I learned that my yo-yoing was down to emotional eating as I tried to deal with past loss and grief. The visualisation method in hypnotherapy really worked for me and I would recommend it anyone experiencing the same issues.” Ruth, late 40’s, mother of 3.

On February 5th this year I started a weight loss program with Joanne. She made me most welcome and immediately put me at ease. I weighed in at 17st 1lb . Joanne set me a program to suit me.
Nearly forgot to say I’m type two diabetic. I have lost 20lb in 22 days and to say I’m chuffed is an understatement. When you’re on this program it’s all about you and the hypnosis is unbelievable. Going forward I hope to get down to the target of 14.5 stone . So here’s to the future.” Barry Harding

“I’d recommend Richdale health and wellness clinic. I started with Nicola for the hypnosis and weight loss program. I have to say it’s amazing. I can’t believe the change it has done for me. I had an unhealthy habit with food. I no longer crave junk. The hypnosis is brilliant it has reprogrammed my need for food, and I now eat smaller portions of good wholesome foods and enjoy what I eat. I have lost weight despite not being mobile. Nicola is so easy to talk to, she really cares and she is such a positive person and I leave really motivated and ready to achieve my goals. I am so glad I went to Richdale clinic, it has changed my life for the better. If anyone is afraid of hypnosis, don’t be it’s an amazing experience and really worthwhile, you’ve nothing to be afraid of. Big thanks Nicola.” Caroline Keeneghan

“I’ve being attending this clinic a few weeks now, I’ve being struggling with my weight for so many years. I’ve tried everything to shift it nothing worked for me. Since starting this journey with Nicola I have lost 7pounds so far. A month ago, I couldn’t even bend down to paint my toe nails now I can. I cannot thank Nicola enough for all the support she has given me on this journey to a new healthier me.” Roisin O’Coinneain

“I went to Nicola for weight loss and from the 3rd hypnotherapy session I could feel a massive change within myself. Happier, more confident and with a significant change in positive mood I was able to take control of my eating and to date have lost 2.9 stones in just 6 months. The difference in me is huge .” Carmel Keogh.


“Amazing results from the very best professional people in the world and the after care is fantastic well-done Nicola and a massive thank you.” Eamonn Grattan

“I never thought I could ever give up smoking but after one session with Richdale Hypnosis Clinic, I’m finally a non-smoker and I feel amazing!” Richard Byrne

“Thank you Richdale Hypnosis Clinic! I am smoke free over 2 weeks now. I still can’t believe how easy it was. I’ve had no cravings or want for a cig. No more sneaking out trying to hide from the kids, no more smelly breath and no more guilt.” Laura Tiernan

“Yes most certainly I would recommend Richdale Hypnosis Clinic. I went in last Thursday for hypnosis for smoking I am so proud to say I’m a week smoke free and Joanne was so kind and made you feel really relaxed before it started thanks Joanne.” Caroline Doonan

“I had the hypnosis to quit smoking, 2 weeks now and still haven’t had one or the desire too, which is the big thing.” Niall Lannon

“Two weeks and two days ago I walked into this clinic on my way home from work to meet the wonderful Joanne. Two hours later I walked out smoke free. I still can’t believe how relaxing and easy it was and I cannot recommend it highly enough, it was the best money I ever spent on myself. I feel like a new person since – free as a bird and can’t stop smiling 😀 😀 😀 I’m not putting this up for a clap on the back, I just want to share it with all my smoker friends so that you know it’s there when you decide it’s your time to quit. You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favour ever :D.” Aine Jones


“I attended the hypnosis clinic for sleep and anxiety and after the first session there was an improvement in my sleep. Overall it was a relaxing and positive experience and I will have no hesitation in returning for more sessions in the future if I need to.” Aoife Gunning

Fear & Phobia

The changes for me were subtle but immediate and despite having a terrible fear of water, after the second session I was able to go to the swimming pool.” Caroline Cummings
“Joanne gives great care and attention to her client and goes into great detail to explain hypnotherapy treatment.”  Caroline Colema