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Anxiety & Stress

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Are you stressed out? Do you have a hard time “leaving work at work,” and instead carry worries with you for the rest of your day? Do you become frazzled and have difficulty concentrating or achieving clarity? Are you frequently anxious and easily overwhelmed? Is tension causing you to perform at a sub-par level, and do you take your anger and frustrations out on loved ones? Do you feel that you are losing control over your life? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from chronic stress. And as our society becomes increasingly fast-paced with more demands placed on its members, stress levels are rising at an alarming rate.

Three Crucial Areas of Your Life That Are Dramatically Affected by Stress

Stress in the Workplace: It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or getting your hands dirty, if you’re in an office or out in the field, if you’re self-employed or part of a major corporation—every job has elements of stress. And the way you conduct yourself during these stressful moments will directly affect how successful you are. Without the ability to properly manage stress, you will not excel in your career—regardless of your knowledge or experience. In addition, the ability to remain calm and rational under pressure is a highly-valued skill in the professional world. By demonstrating that you can be depended upon in any situation, you will have a tremendous advantage over your colleagues and will succeed accordingly.

Stress at Home: Family life isn’t always easy. Aging parents, newborn or very young children, divorce or remarriage, relationships, illness or injuries, pregnancy or bereavement, financial instability, relocation or altered living conditions, or dependents with emotional or behavioural difficulties can all contribute to a stressful home life. By discovering how to maintain a calm demeanour and approach family difficulties with a rational mindset, you will be better able to handle problems that come your way. Additionally, your calmness will be a source of reassurance for others; tension and energy levels in the family will be brought down so that logical decisions can be made and solutions implemented, all while maintaining strong family bonds.

Stress and Your Health: Nearly every chronic illness or condition can be triggered or made worse by stress. These include migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, cold sores, fibromyalgia, chronic stomach or head- aches, ulcers, high blood pressure (leading to heart disease, heart attack or stroke) and cancer. Furthermore, stress can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive drinking or drug use and overeating. It is also related to sudden weight change and an increased rapidity of visible aging. In short, your body reflects your mental state. Reducing stress in your life is an excellent first step towards promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Secret Behind Stress - And How to Overcome It

Many people believe that the only way to eradicate stress is to remove its cause. If you work in high-stress environment this could mean quitting your job, which is not always an option or necessarily something you even want to do. After all, you have worked hard to achieve your current success level—you don’t want to throw that all away.

​Fortunately, you don’t have to. That’s because stress is not an independent entity in and of itself, but rather a way of reacting to a situation. You don’t need to necessarily change what you do in order to change how you feel—you simply need to change how you think. By altering the way you interpret and react to situations, you lower your stress levels and even convert that negative energy into positive motivation. Through hypnosis, you can discover how to manage and diminish stress—quickly and safely.

How Hypnosis Targets Stress in Your Subconscious

We all have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is responsible for the thoughts we have that we are aware of, such as formulating a strategy when playing chess or deciding what to cook for dinner. Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, thinks on a deeper level and is in charge of our respiratory system, circulatory system, immune system and other automatic processes. Both parts of our mind observe, absorb and formulate opinions and beliefs based on our knowledge and experiences. However, our conscious mind does this using rational logic, whereas our subconscious operates through emotions. Furthermore, we are aware of the ideas in our conscious mind but unable to access the beliefs of our subconscious. Stress builds up through the thoughts and reactions governed by our subconscious—this is why it is impossible to shake feelings of anxiety even if you are able to rationalize the issues that surround them.

Hypnosis speaks to your subconscious mind by relaxing the conscious mind out of the way. From there, it is possible to uncover the roots of stress. Using motivational suggestions, your hypnotherapist will suggest new ways of looking at and reacting to these triggers—not to cease them from causing stress, but to harness that energy for ambition and productivity.

Four Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Fight Stress

  1. You will discover exactly what the stress triggers are in your life. For example: if you find yourself becoming stressed at work, hypnosis can help you pinpoint exactly which elements of your job are difficult to cope with. The answers may surprise you!
  2. You will realise new techniques for interpreting and responding to these elements, which will not only eradicate the stress you once felt, but actually transform that detrimental force into motivation for success.
  3. You will be shown simple yet extremely potent relaxation tactics that you can use at any time, in any place, to combat stress immediately.
  4. Each session will induce a state of extreme relaxation that will leave you feeling clear-headed, peaceful and energised for hours, days or even weeks.

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