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Fears & Phobias

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​Living with a fear or phobia can be extremely debilitating. Depending on the severity, a phobia can interfere with the day-to-day aspects of your life. Even something as simple as leaving your home might seem like an insurmountable task to someone who has a fear of crowds or the outdoors. For others, making friends or meeting new people may cause such extreme anxiety that they prefer to simply stay home. Some are luckier, because they have fears that may not affect simple interactions or day-to-day living. Fear of snakes, insects, heights, enclosed spaces: all of these are fears that do not enter our lives on a daily basis, but when we are confronted with them they can cripple us. Whether major or minor, your fear may seem insurmountable. A part of you wants nothing more than to just “get over it,” yet you cannot. This is because fears and phobias are not based on logic or rational thought. Instead, they are driven entirely by the most powerful emotion you can experience.

Can Hypnosis Help Me Overcome My Fear?

The first thing we help you understand before beginning the process of hypnotherapy is this: you were born with only two instinctual fears. The first is a fear of falling, and the second is a fear of loud or unknown noises. Any other fears you may possess have been acquired through direct life experience, or learned from someone or something else, like a parent or a film.

When you develop fears from experience, it is largely because you once held certain misconceptions in your past about things that you may no longer believe today. Your subconscious, however, still links the fear to your past experience and gives the same response. For example, you may have been in an enclosed space and thought you were going to die, and your subconscious made a link between the stimulus of a closed room and the response of feeling like dying. Today, although you know that being in an enclosed space does not result in dying, your fear is your subconscious responding to this misconception. The role of hypnosis is to bridge the gap between the misconception in your subconscious and the understanding in your conscious mind.

When you learn and develop fears from someone or something else, it is because you have an overactive imagination. A small fear can be exacerbated when you cling to an idea you are exposed to, and exaggerate it to such a degree that something fictitious becomes potentially real to you. For example, you watch a horror movie in your childhood about spiders that attack and kill people. Instead of thinking that it is just a fictitious movie created to frighten people, you think about those killer spiders and exaggerate their deadliness, until even the smallest, most harmless spider becomes a threat in real life.

Fortunately, results-based hypnosis can provide potent, lasting relief from phobias ranging from the commonplace to the obscure, and from the mild to the severe. There are no drugs or shock therapies involved. Instead, hypnotherapists use relaxation techniques to target the very source of your phobia, address it, and change your response to the stimulus.

We invite you in for a consultation initially, to gain an understanding of your lifestyle and your suitability for Hypnosis.

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