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Weight Management Programme

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Introducing our Complete 360 Weight Loss Programme

Is this the time to truly open up and become the real true you, the happier, healthier, slimmer, more energetic fun loving you? Introducing our Complete 360 Weight Loss Programme which works on the Mind (Habits, feelings & Emotions) and the body (healthy eating, hydration and exercise)

Our 6 week course is NOW AVAILABLE as an ONLINE programme at OUR SHOP ➡️


We believe that everyone can have optimal health, happiness and success by creating
the right mindset and healthy habits in nutrition and exercise.
I’m sure your saying to yourself what makes our programme different from all the other
programmes/diets/Gyms out there.

1. Firstly this is not a DIET. It’s a healthy living programme for all areas of your life.
So many companies just focus on Weight Loss, we focus on your overall health and wellbeing.
2. We work with the mind to help you reduce any stress/anxiety or any emotions which may be stopping
you from being the best version of YOU.
3. We help you to love your body again and treat it with respect.
4. We help you to have a healthy relationship with nutritious food and exercise
so 9 times out of 10 you will chose the healthy options.
5. You will lose weight in a healthy sustainable way and feel amazing in the process, and the great thing is
once the mindset is changed it creates permanent healthy habits.
6. . But most importantly we look at your overall health and wellbeing working on increasing your Motivation, Confidence, Self –Esteem, Focus, Direction and so much more.
We can work with you face to face in our clinic or online in the comfort of your own home via the Internet.

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This is your time to shine!

Our 6 week course is NOW AVAILABLE as an ONLINE programme at OUR SHOP ➡️

Latest news report on the social impact of the pandemic on the public, found that more than 40% of people say they have put on weight since COVID restrictions were introduced.

It has been the busiest time ever recorded for supermarkets, with Fresh food sales shot up by 16% while food with a longer shelf life increased by a third. We are still clearing the shelves of flour, eggs, and sugar each week, as baking becomes one of the big hits of lockdown, alcohol sales  up 22% in 2020 alone – we have succumbed to snacking/drinking in the afternoon, while nattering to our friends on facetime/zoom, there are those of us who are consuming 2,331 extra ‘lockdown calories’ a week!

Little wonder, then, that this started the talk of the ‘Corona stone’, aptly describes the likely weight gain that will come from comfort cooking, drinking home measures  and the increased temptation to graze as we work from home.
Should we just let it all hang out and treat ourselves to whatever we fancy in this trying time? Not really. It would be no fun facing into the summer with weight gain or indeed when the country reopen dreaming of barbecues with friends, but knowing that shorts and shades will be a little snug, while Beer/Wine o’clock seems to be coming around earlier and earlier these days.

If you think it only happens to you, think again. You are not alone. With the current circumstances seeing us all face anxiety, no self-control, stress, fatigue and zero willpower,  this all adds up to just one thing: excuses.
Excuses happen when you let your mind control you with self-defeating thoughts. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is not just a change of conduct, but a change of mindset.

It’s time to take control of your body. But first let’s face some facts:
  • Diet and exercise never works — if you hate doing it.
  • If you have lost weight, you won’t keep it off — unless you commit to a healthy lifestyle.
Learning to love exercise and committing to a healthy lifestyle may not sound like an easy way to lose weight, but with hypnosis, it is. Hypnosis helps you change those self-defeating, out-of-control feelings into a positive mindset that leads to sustainable weight loss and a healthy relationship with food.

A Comprehensive Program That Tackles Weight Loss from Multiple Angles

In countless independent studies around the world, hypnosis has been consistently proven to be an effective
form of treatment for habit control, especially when there are emotions driving behind those habits.

Here at The Richdale Hypnosis Clinic, we are committed to helping you achieve tangible, real results.
Because of this, our unique approach to weight loss is multi-pronged. We invite you in for a consultation initially,
to gain an understanding of your life style and your suitability for Hypnosis. Each person is unique and individual and here at Richdale we work with our team to build a programme around your needs. Your overall wellbeing and success will be holistic and comprehensive.

Hypnosis: A Weight Loss Secret We Can’t Wait to Share Picture

You can lose weight in many ways, but success always comes down to eating fewer calories than your body needs until you reach your desired weight. Using hypnosis, you can learn to achieve a caloric deficit in several ways:

First, we help you love and appreciate your body. Many people view their body as an adversary. However, it’s only doing the job it’s supposed to do when it stores excess fat—hundreds of years ago, it would have saved your life during times of starvation. When you truly and deeply appreciate your body, you will want to take better care of it.

Second, we work with emotional eating. Many people associate food with love or comfort, an association that often goes back to childhood. However, what was appropriate for a growing child might not be appropriate for a full-grown adult. Using hypnosis, we help you break this connection and develop healthier ways to de-stress.

Mindful eating is often a component of our weight loss program. Many people eat thoughtlessly, whether it’s between meetings or in front of your television. But if you ate at a Michelin star  restaurant, you would never just scoff  down the food—you would take the time to eat every bite slowly and carefully. Approaching every meal like a gourmet meal allows you to value fresh, high-quality food, and to be satisfied with smaller portions.

Of course, it’s always important to consume healthy food in healthy portions. We’ll look at snacking, eating as a reward and binge eating.

Finally, we can incorporate motivation to exercise. For most people it’s easier to eat less food than to burn off excessive calories, but exercise has many benefits beyond weight loss. For those with the time and energy to exercise, it’s an important part of a weight loss program.


Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

The Virtual gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss programme, which is a  non –surgical  technique.  We use the power of hypnosis to suggest to the subconscious mind that you’ve had a gastric band fitted around your stomach, to help you lose weight.  This limits the amount of food you can physically eat, encouraging weight loss.

It’s a safe and a highly effective method of weight loss and shown throughout clinical trials worldwide and is commonly referred to as the hypnoband. Gastric band hypnotic therapy is 100% safe and non invasive.

Sugar Addiction Therapy

Sugar is something we consume every day. It’s in our coffee, in our tomato sauce, it’s in the Cola/Energy drinks and in that chocolate bar we treat ourselves to. Together, obesity and Type 2 diabetes rank among our nation’s greatest health problem, and they largely result from what many call an “addiction” to sugar. 

Symptoms of Sugar Addiction
  • Consuming certain foods or drinks even if you are not hungry because of cravings
  • Worrying about cutting down on certain foods. Feeling sluggish or fatigued from overeating
  • Having health or social problems because of food issues and yet keep eating the way you do despite negative consequences
  • You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any pleasure or reduce negative emotions

We can help you to have a healthy relationship with sugar, eliminate the cravings, triggers and associations.