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Is it time to change your weight loss approach?

December 23, 2021 dean 3 Comments

Is it time to change your weight loss approach?

Quarantine weight gain is real but it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s normal to expect that your body may change when life has changed in such a drastic way — and that’s ok. Whether you are not as active and sitting more, going through a stressful time or not eating healthily because you’re now working full-time as well as taking care of children, there is no need to feel shame or that you “failed” because you gained weight.
If you are overweight or obese, just remember: if you can eat your way into bad health, you can eat and exercise your way into good health. Sometimes we make weight loss too complicated, when in fact it shouldn’t be. For successful long- term weight loss results, we recommend you adopt some positive habits into your lifestyle, habits like the ones below are easy to integrate, and like any habit the more you do them the easier they become and before you know it they become second nature. Just like when you first started driving, remember how nervous and anxious you may have been, and how you had to think about each gear change etc.  and then the more you drove the easier it became and before you knew it you would arrive at your destination without even thinking about it, the same principles apply to weight loss and healthy eating habits.
Here are 9 habits to help you on your new healthy weight loss journey.

  1. Organise your fridge, food cupboards and meal plans: Getting organised before you start your weight loss journey will ensure you’re prepared, motivated, committed, and most importantly, your goals are achievable. Your meals make up a large chunk of your weight loss journey (as does physical exercise and getting your optimum sleep requirements, which helps your body rest, recover and digest food), so evaluate the contents of your fridge and cupboards. Bin or giveaway any unhealthy tempters such as – chocolates, sweets, crisps, biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks, sugar-packed juices, chips, burgers and any highly processed foods. Instead plan your weekly meals and fill your fridge and cupboards with healthy fruits, nuts, vegetables, lean meats, fish and wholegrains.
  2. Eat a balanced diet: A well-balanced diet provides important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy. Eating well can also help ward off numerous diseases and health complications, as well as help maintain a healthy body weight, provide energy, allow better sleep, and improve brain function. Make sure half your dinner plate is filled with vegetables/fruits, quarter with protein and quarter with healthy wholegrain foods.
  3. Trim Portions: If you did nothing else but reduce your portions by 10%-20%, you would lose weight. Most of the portions we eat are bigger than we need. Get instant portion control by using small bowls, plates, and cups, You won’t feel deprived because the food will look plentiful on smaller crockery.
  4. Add More Steps: Get yourself a Fit Bit, Pedometer or most Android phones  have step counters, and gradually add more steps until you reach 10,000 per day. Throughout the day, do whatever you can to be more active – start or end  the day with a walk or whatever exercise you like to do, just MOVE. Having a devise to measure your steps serves as a constant motivator and reminder.
  5. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day:  Water is particularly important when you’re trying to achieve a healthy weight loss, as it improves the digestive system so that fats are eliminated from the body more efficiently. In effect, drinking water helps to flush your system out. It also reduces fluid retention and decreases the appetite. Get yourself a  2 litre water bottle and carry it everywhere with you, drinking it throughout the day.
  6. Close the Kitchen at Night: Establish a time when you will stop eating so you won’t give in to the late-night munchies or mindless snacking while watching television. If you want to have something  after your dinner, have a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit but then brush your teeth so you will be less likely to eat or drink anything else.
  7. Sweetened and fizzy drinks pile on the pounds: but don’t reduce hunger like solid foods do. Satisfy your thirst with water. Be careful of alcohol calories, which add up quickly. If you tend to drink a glass or two of wine or a beer on most days, limiting alcohol to the weekends or avoiding it altogether can really help you on your weight loss journey.
  8. Create the right Mind-set: Every diet and weight-loss strategy has its pros and cons, but for any one to really work, you’ve got to get your mind right.  Shifting your mind-set about how to lose weight is the biggest factor in losing weight. We can’t shift our weight from the outside without realising the correct inner resolve and intention. And most people try to lose weight with the worst state of mind possible: wanting to “fix” themselves. They jump into diets and exercise plans out of self-deprecation, all the while pinching their “trouble” spots, calling themselves “fat” and feeling altogether less-than. They get obsessed with results, focus on quick fixes and lose sight of sustainability and even health.  “This type of thinking can be so destructive. Rather than focusing on the good that can come out of Weight Loss– such as better health, a longer life, more enjoyment in everyday activities and the prevention of diabetes and heart disease – these folks focus on negative thoughts. Ultimately, a negative mindset leads to failure.  Learning to love exercise and committing to a healthy lifestyle may not sound like an easy way to lose weight, but our Complete 360 Weight Loss Programme can helps you change those self-defeating,out-of-control feelings into a positive mindset that leads to sustainable weight loss and a healthy relationship with food.
  9. Celebrate your Success: Losing weight isn’t all about the number you see when you’re weighing yourself. Make sure you celebrate the other achievements that make you feel great, too. Watching those numbers go down when you step onto the scales can give you a huge sense of accomplishment – but weight loss isn’t just about where the needle lands from week to week. Remember to celebrate your off-the-scale victories, too, as this will boost your motivation and self-esteem. So, feel free to have a little celebration whenever the following things happen (or make an achievement list that’s personal to you):
  • you stay on track for a whole week
  • your waistband feels looser
  • you’ve tried a new healthy recipe
  • you drop a dress or trouser size
  • your body measurements have changed
  • you’ve tried a new activity or sport
  • you wake up with more energy
  • you can get back into your favourite jeans
  • you notice your fitness has improved
  • you feel more confident about meeting new people
  • you’ve faced a fear, like speaking in public
  • you can accept a compliment about your weight loss

The crucial thing is that these are easy to integrate so let’s get to it!  If you found this blog helpful we would love to hear from you or share on Facebook or Instagram   If you need a little help on your Weight Loss Journey or any other issues that we can help you with,
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